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Terms and Conditions

1. Dog Handler takes responsibility for his/her dog’s behaviour and safety.

2. Payment is due before class begins.  There are no refunds in case of absence.

3. We don’t train during public holidays or if the instructor is absent.  The trainer will notify you at least one week in advance.

4. Dog handler is required to wear close-toed shoes for safety reason. 


5. Dog is required to be vaccinated with C5 or C3 + kennel cough. Additional vaccination               requirements may be necessary. 

6. Each course lasts for 8 weeks (8 classes). If a class is cancelled for risky weather conditions or instructor absence, a make-up class will occur the week following the normal end of the course. 

7. In the case of risky weather conditions, training may be cancelled. The client will be informed of the cancellation of class at a minimum of 2 hours before the class, and a make-up class will be scheduled the week following the normal end of term. 


8. Handler and dog are placed into a class based on the instructor’s decision and can be moved to another group depending on the level of experience and skills.


9. Each class lasts for 45 minutes.

10. Dog handler takes responsibility for any injuries incurred by themselves or their dog. The instructor will take reasonable precautions to prevent any injuries.

11. Dogs that are aggressive towards humans or other dogs can be suspended from the class.

12. Instructor can ask a handler to leave for any reason, including if their behaviour is not appropriate or poses a safety risk to others.


I give permission to Marek Contosfalsky and Pawsitive Vibe Fitness to use my images and images of my dog for educational or promotional purposes. Please inform your Coach if you do not wish for this to occur.

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